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The Data Warehouse project for Health Data

Data Providers (hospitals, medical specialists, general practitioners, labs…) spend a lot of time sending data.

By giving the possibility to look at their data or compare their own data with an average we can help them

continue their efforts.

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The project consists of 3 major parts:

Although it is not necessary to use both parts in every data collection, the DWH part is used in all of the data

collections. When the HealthData data collection part is not (yet) used, the data are presented to the DWH in a

specific way. The generically written program will be able to cope with this specificity.

HealthData is a technical facilitator. The register manager is responsible for the quality of the data,

the correctness of analysis and the validity of the reporting.

A steering committee has been organised for HealthData that decides on priorities, data access etc. All relevant

health stakeholders are represented in this steering committee.

The documentation regarding the DWH Project of HealthData is conceptual: it gives answers to the question how we do things and what is the reasoning behind this.

The audience for this part is people who are not on a day to day basis involved in a data collection, but want to know what happens

and how are things linked.

The Healthdata cycle

We can present the Healthdata cycle as follows:


In general the following happens if the complete HealthData cycle is implemented:

HD4DP application- Health Data For Data Providers

HD4DP is a web application developed by HealthData and installed at the site of the data provider that allows the

data provider to extract data from the primary system and map that data into one or more data collections (if possible).

Questions that cannot be answered by the primary systems have to be answered manually in the ‘prefilled’ document.

The goal is to put as many prefilled elements as possible in as many documents as possible.

The documents are managed centrally via metadata.

HD4RES application- Health Data For RESearchers

HD4RES is an application developed by HealthData and installed at WIV that allows the manager of the data collection

to communicate with the data provider without knowing the identification of the patient.

Data are sent automatically or by pressing a submit button to a central application HD4RES via eHealth.

A mechanism of encryption is put in place assuring that NOBODY has access to the patient identifier and medical

information except the data provider.

Data Warehouse and website

Data need to be approved, corrected or annotated if needed before they are visible in the data warehouse

for storage, analysis or reports.

The data warehouse and the reporting on the data are made possible for authorized people.