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The infrastructure we setup has to be able to cope with different users and different levels of aggregation.

We have setup different infrastructures and environments to reach these requirements.

Infrastructure Conceptual Internal vs External Environments.png

Internal and External Infrastructure

We have created an internal and an external infrastructure. External and internal are to be looked at with

respect to the WIV domain:

  • The external infrastructure can be accessed from outside the WIV domain
  • The internal infrastructure can be accessed from within the WIV domain

These 2 infrastructures have 4 environments different goals:

  • Internal for models, data flows and data validation rules on detailed data
  • External for reports on aggregated data

Every piece of data we receive is register based: for each inquiry we receive, a register and related reports are created.

We hope to get as soon as possible also data that are cross register.

For example:

  • data from the ‘Rijksregister’
  • general information of hospitals

Cross register data should not be asked in every register, but should come from an official source which delivers the data

timely and correctly.

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Environments are controlled areas where developers can build, distribute, install, configure, test, and execute systems.

Each environment is intended to have specific purposes in the development lifecycle.

We have 4 environments both for the internal and the external infrastructure of WIV.

  • Development environment, where developers can work independently of each other before trying to merge their work
with the work of others
  • Test environment, where basic testing of a system's integration points to other systems can be tested
  • Acceptance environment, where business stakeholders can test against their original business requirements
  • Production environment, where systems finally get deployed to, for final use by their intended end users

Only the production and in some cases the acceptance environment is relevant for end users.

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