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The management roles within the Belgian adaptation project align with the management roles used in the Dutch project "Zorginformatiebouwstenen" and as descibed by Schmohl (2015) [1].

The Management roles

In terms of maintenance and management of the Belgian version of the Clinical Building Blocks (CBB's), the following roles may be distinguished:

Role Description Contact
USER The clinical building blocks delivered by project can be used in a variety of ways. So there are several different types of clinical building block user, such as: Clinicians in general or academic hospitals who use the data definitions of clinical building blocks in information systems, such as electronic patient records; Information experts in general or academic hospitals; Researchers managing a patient registry; Software suppliers; Etc.
  • N/A
PROPOSER The person or organization desiring a change in a clinical building block. The proposer can be a User or a member of the "Clinical Building Blocks" core group. The proposer submits a change request in the "Collaborative version" of the Clinical Building Block and motivate his/her request on the "Discussion pages", after which the change management process is set in motion.
  • N/A
OWNER The ownership manager has final responsibility for the content of the clinical building blocks.
  • The project (WIV-ISP)
AUTHORIZER The authorizer is responsible for decision-making with regard to changes in, and publication of, the clinical building blocks. For a proposed change to be accepted and put into effect, it has to be approved by the authorizer.
  • Working group "Electronic Patient Record" [[2] (Nl.) [3] (Fr.)]
  • Working group "Structuring elements"
  • Belgian Terminology Center[4]
REVIEW TEAM The review team assesses the change requests collected by the Functional manager. The composition of the review team is subject to change, depending on the nature and complexity of the change proposals. The review team also supports the functional manager. Furthermore, the Dutch core group "Clinical Building Blocks" will be consulted during the review process (for alignment between the versions). In addition, the review team delivers information to the Authorizer in order to support decision-making on change and publication.
  • Belgian core group "Clinical Building Blocks"
FUNCTIONAL MANAGER The functional manager is responsible for the process surrounding the processing of, and decision-making on, change proposals. The functional manager is responsible for version control. The functional manager receives and processes the change requests, compares them with earlier requests, sends them and the results to the Authorizer and ensures that the Authorizer's decisions are well-founded and put into effect. The functional manager maintains relationships with other code and terminology systems to the extent that this management is not the responsibility of the Authorizer.
  • Dr. Michel Legrand
TECHNICAL MANAGER The Technical manager is responsible for the maintenance of the technical management environment.
  • Ir. Maarten Landuyt
DISTRIBUTOR The distributor and as such the supplier of the clinical building blocks makes the clinical building blocks publicly available.

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