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Name: be.en.hd.MedicationSupply
Version: 0.0.1
Status: Draft


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DCM::ContentAuthorList Clinical Building Blocks Expert Group &
DCM::CreationDate 19-12-2013
DCM::DescriptionLanguage en
DCM::Id 2.16.840.1.113883.
DCM::KeywordList Medicatie, Verstrekking
DCM::LifecycleStatus Draft
DCM::ModelerList Clinical Building Blocks Expert Group &
DCM::Name be.en.hd.MedicationDelivery
DCM::ReviewerList Clinical Building Blocks Expert Group &
DCM::RevisionDate 05-01-2016
DCM::Version 0.0.1

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Medication supply describes the supply of a medicinal product to a specific patient (or the administerer or a representative), with the intention of it being used according to the included instructions (usually to honor the supply request in a medication prescription). Medication supply takes place when the patient (or any of the others listed above) physically receives the product.


Recording supply information can be an important step in drawing up an up-to-date medication profile.

Information model

Refer to the legend page for more information about the used types and data types

rootconcept MedicationSupply
Definition Root concept of the MedicationSupply building block. This root concept contains all data elements of the MedicationSupply building block.
Type Zib.png
data SuppliedProduct::Product
Definition The supplied product is usually a medicine. Strictly speaking, food, blood products, aids and bandages do not fall under the category of medication, but supplying these products can be reported in the same manner.

In most cases, the supplied product will match the product prescribed in the medication prescription.

In principle, this will be the prescribed product, but the supplier may substitute it by replacing the prescribed product with an equivalent product. Furthermore, the supplier can replace a generically formulated prescribed product by a trade product, or they can replace the prescribed trade product with a different trade product.

Datatype Container.png
DCM::ReferencedDefinitionCode NL-CM:9.5.6 Dit is een verwijzing naar concept Product in de bouwsteen MedicatieVoorschrift.
data Prescription::MedicationPrescription
Definition An agreement or order for the use of medication.
Datatype Container.png
DCM::ReferencedDefinitionCode NL-CM:9.5.1 Dit is een verwijzing naar concept MedicatieVoorschrift in de bouwsteen MedicatieVoorschrift.
data SuppliedDose::Dose
Definition Instructions for the administerer to administer the medication (the patient themselves, a nurse or other aid).

The supplied dose will constitute more specified details of the administering schedule from the prescription, especially in terms of the administering schedule. For example, the prescription could contain 4xd1, which is then translated by the supplier into a label text as ‘1 unit to be taken 4 times a day, during meals’. In the case of Baxter packs, these kinds of codes are translated from ‘4xd1’ to specific times, such as 9:00am, 12:00pm, etc.

Datatype Container.png
DCM::ExampleValue 4x/dag 1 tablet via de mond voor de maaltijd en voor het slapen gaan
DCM::ReferencedDefinitionCode NL-CM:9.5.4 Dit is een verwijzing naar concept Dosering in de bouwsteen MedicatieVoorschrift.
data DurationOfUse
Definition The period in which the medication is expected to be used. The value depends on the dose and the amount supplied.
Datatype PQ.png
DCM::ExampleValue 3 mnd
data SuppliedAmount
Definition Number of units of the product (measured based on the relevant product code) supplied.
Datatype PQ.png
DCM::ExampleValue 100 st
data MedicationSupplyDate
Definition The date and time at which the medication was supplied.
Datatype TS.png
DCM::ExampleValue 20100812
context Supplier::CareGiver
Definition In almost all cases, the supplier will be a registered pharmacist. In principle, it could also be supplied by a webshop (in case of an online order), a drugstore or a foreign pharmacy.
Datatype Verwijzing.png
DCM::ReferencedDefinitionCode NL-CM:17.1.1 Dit is een verwijzing naar concept Zorgverlener in de bouwsteen Zorgverlener.
data Explanation
Definition Comments on supplying the medication.
Datatype ST.png

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